COVID-19 Pandemic Questions

Can I sell My Home During Covid-19 Pandemic?

Yes! That is the best part of working with Real Estate Acquisition Partners LLC. We don’t need to physically see your home or do a walk through. We generally require pictures/video of the exterior and interior which you can provide. This method will ensure that you are safe and meet social distancing.

Will Selling My Home Now Affect The Price?

No! When you work with Real Estate Acquisition Partners LLC, we determine the price based on 3 to 6 months of market analysis. We do understand the Real Estate industry has had a substantial hit due to COVID-19 Pandemic. We have different programs that can ease your concerns of your home market value. These programs help in moving out time frame and getting the best offer.

Finally if your home value has been affected by COVID-19, Real Estate Acquisition Partners LLC may have a program that can benefit and meet a resonable price and be a win/win.

Would We Need to Immediately Move-Out?

Great question! We do understand that finding another place is an additional stress that is unnecessary. At Real Estate Acquisition Partners LLC we understand your current situation and will provide the time required for you and your family to find a new home. Real Estate Acquisition Partners LLC also provides assistance and services to make your move as stressless as possible.

Why Should We Use Your Real Estate Acquisition Partners LLC

At Real Estate Acquisition Partners LLC, we have assisted many homeowners like yourself who have trusted us with purchasing their home. You can visit here and see what our past clients have said about us.  The difference between Real Estate Acquisition Partners LLC and normal channel is, we think outside of the box where most agents can’t due to lack of knowledge or not being in the industry as long as we have. Since we are investors who buy homes CASH and offer different programs, we do not need to see your house and don’t have to bring any strangers into your home. Especially with COVID-19 where everyone is scared of the unknown and the social distancing. You will have all communications via phone, zoom, text and email. Learn More

What Are Your Thoughts After COVID-19?

We have been in the Real Estate Industry for over 25 years and from our experience the real estate market will definitely bounce back as it has in the past. However, what makes this more concerning to homeowners is; When will everything return to normal? How will my finances be affected by this? Will I have the same career to provide for my family? Will I have to save money to survive?

Is it important to secure my credit and my savings to keep me above water until all of this COVID-19 falls behind us? These are very important decisions to be made. Can I hold onto my home until everything returns to normal? It may take from few months to a few years. Most importantly, not knowing if your house value will return to normal or get lowered due to the market. As you can see COVID-19 has made buyers hold off on purchasing homes right now to see if the housing market prices will drop. If your current home value is high and you’re in the market of selling, or you feel you may not be able to meet your mortgage obligations, we would highly recommend contacting us so we can discuss your options.

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